‘Sitini and Sered Kobo from the YWAM base at Morogoro in Tanzania visited us for  our BBQ and led worship on 18 August. They are friends of the daughter of one of our  members’. YWAM Visitors

‘Here are photos of church members enjoying their recent coffee morning when £215 was raised for our link church, Bethel Congregation, in Lusaka, Zambia.’

                                           Visit of Reverend Bertha Lungu from Bethel Congregation in Linda Compound                                            near Lusaka

                                            I think it’s fair to say that we all thoroughly enjoyed the visit of Rev Bertha Lungu who                                             was with us from 27 March until 1 April.

                                            Here are a few highlights from the programme we arranged for her. On Friday 28th,                                             Bertha visited the Asylum Seekers’ project run by Avenue St Andrews URC and in the afternoon Ruth & Terry took her to visit the Winchester Basics Bank. These gave Bertha a feel for the sort of outreach work into the community that we get involved in.

                                          On Saturday, Priscilla took Bertha shopping in Romsey in the morning and Tim and                                            family took her to Portsmouth in the afternoon. Bertha is scared of heights but ventured                                            up the Spinnaker Tower with Tim. I don’t think she looks too frightened!! She also                                            enjoyed a helping of fish & chips, something she was told she had to try!

                                           On Saturday evening, we had the church supper and we all enjoyed lovely food                                            repared by the Catering Committee –notice all the empty plates!!

                                           Sunday morning was the highlight when Rev Bertha preached at our Mothering Sunday                                             service and presented us with a clock as a present from Bethel Congregation and I                                             think Tim looks quite pleased to receive it!

                                            All too soon it was time to say goodbye and Rev Bertha and her colleague Rev Obed                                             flew back to Lusaka overnight on 1 April. We have received several messages of                                             thanks and gratitude from Rev Bertha and I think we can safely say that the visit has                                             cemented the bonds between the 2 congregations.

                                            Thanks to everyone who helped to make this such a special and happy visit (there are                                             too many people to mention individually).


                                            Martin Waldron