Report  for 2016

At the beginning of 2016 we started our afternoon meetings with   11 members, and one or two who have appeared when the speaker has appealed.    Due to lack of enthusiasm or physical inability to take up the usual Committee Officers' jobs, the Chairing and Devotions have been shared around the group, one month at a time, and Lorna has looked after the finances. Secretarial jobs have mostly been the taken care of by  Edna and Madeleine.

We've enjoyed a variety of speakers during the year, mainly from our church or local churches. Helen Cornick has come twice, one time with a Bible Quiz, which gave us a lot of names to bring to mind. The second one Helen put a lot of thought into connections between several bible readings and a thought provoking text from an entirely different book or a meditation from  well known Christian writers, on the same theme.  We said a sad goodbye to our Communion services with Tim in January, as later last year he moved to another pastorate in Winchester. Everyone brought an item or a memory of their childhood to another meeting and shared it with the others. Barbara Dodds spoke amusingly about her childhood, on a separate occasion.

 Barbara Hillier told us about an Uncle who had served in World War One, and read various newspaper items and correspondence of interest.  She never met the Uncle but knew from her mother that Barbara's hair colour always reminded her mother of that Uncle.  Belinda gave a talk on what she did while in Romania for several months.  Joan McGavin told us all about her year as the Hampshire  Poet Laureate, and the efforts and reactions of the children she met at some of the sessions she held.  Several scrapbooks and correspondence was delved into at one meeting which Madeleine showed , reflecting on the 8 months she worked for the singing trio Beverley Sisters.   

As each group has a small number of members World Church and Ladies Fellowship joined in two  fundraising Coffee Mornings, in April and November. Two charities were chosen: Kate Muammar's  work in Zambia, and Macular Degeneration Research in Southampton.  We were also able to add a small donation towards Church Funds.


Any ladies,not necessarily from this church,are welcome to come along to a meeting held  at church, usually in the Frith Hall, allon the third Wednesday of each month.