On the first Saturday of every month, the smell of bacon wafts from the church kitchen as a cooked breakfast is prepared by two of the men – Gerry Prosser and Steve Leonard. Between 15 and 20 men turn up regularly, and are treated to breakfast of cereal, then bacon, egg & sausage, toast and tea.

The breakfast is followed by a lively discussion for about 30 minutes, led by one of the men on a subject of his choice. Recent discussions have included:

·      The law and my neighbour

·      Using and saving electricity

·      The church’s attitude to war.

 On 1st December 2012, our Men’s Breakfast celebrated its 25th birthday and we invited back to a celebratory breakfast all the ‘old boys’ we were able to contact.

We had an amazing response, and these are the ‘guests’ who joined us:

Martin Delaporte, Simon Gill, John Knapman, Tim Moth, Keith Pickering, Graham Seaton, Jon Sermon and Derek Wales, as well as several of the men in the church who have attended at one time or another. We remembered Mark Westerman and John Hurley especially, two of the inaugural members, who weren’t able to join us.

We had the traditional egg, bacon & sausage breakfast, as well as cereal and toast and stretched to fruit juice for the occasion as well! During breakfast, as well as the clinks of knives & forks, the noise of animated conversation rang out too.

In the talk, we were informed that since it started, there have been 286 meetings of Men’s Breakfast (originally known as Gents’ Breakfast) at which:

 Over 10,000 sausages and rashers of bacon

 Over 5,000 fried eggs

 550 loaves of bread and

 Over 10,000 cups of tea & coffee have been consumed!

Given the amount of smoke we generate, it’s amazing that we’ve only set off the fire alarm twice and the sausages have only caught fire once!!

Perhaps it was appropriate that the talk was on ‘Women’ and moved from famous women in the world, to several of our 2012 Olympic Gold Medallists, to women of the Bible and finally to Florrie, Andy Capp’s long-suffering wife!

All in all, a most memorable occasion.

We are always looking for new recruits so come and be fed well and challenged about a topic of current interest. For further information, please contact David Dunsire on 8026 7005.

David Dunsire