Frequently Asked Questions about our church

What times are your Sunday Services?
Sunday Morning services start at 9.30 am and last to about 10:30 am, we then meet as a church family for tea/coffee.  On the second Sunday evening, we share a service with the Methodist Church with each church alternating the hosting.

What is your worship style?
Our worship is a mix of modern and traditional styles of music and bible study.                          

Do you have a Sunday School?
Not at present, although arrangements can be made for any children who do attend.

Do you have childcare? 

Not at present, but this can be arranged

What is the preaching and music like?
The minister, elders and some members who lead worship seek to present God’s message in a way that is relevant to modern life.  We use a variety of music and learn new songs to supplement the traditional so that all tastes are catered for and our worship is enhanced.

What should I wear to church?
Anything you like. Don't give a second thought to what you're wearing. We're more concerned with meeting your real life needs than what you wear. Dress usually ranges from blue jeans and t-shirts to business suits and ties - all are welcome!

We want to get married in Kings Road, how do we do this ?  
Christian marriage is making sacred, life-long vows before God; it is not about satisfying family wishes or a “nice background for the photographs”. Start by coming to Sunday worship, feel comfortable in Christian worship and then speak with the Minister at least 6-9 months before your ‘hoped-for’ date.

How do I get directions to Kings Road URC?  - Click here for direction details

Do you have members?
Yes, although all are welcome to join us for worship and no-one is ever pressured into considering membership.  Those interested to learn more can join one of our Emmaus courses that run periodically and even after this there is no obligation to take up membership. 

How do I get involved? 
By coming to meet us to see how friendly we are…….sharing in our activities and worship, joining a home-group and other activities. Those who welcome you on arrival can introduce you to one of church Elders who would be happy to assist you in finding the way that feels most appropriate for you initially.

I want my child to be baptized, what’s the first step? 
Contact the
Minister or in his/her absence the Church Secretary.  They will meet with you and talk to you about baptism and the other options that the United Reformed Church offer – Dedication and Thanksgiving.  This should help you decide what each option really means and what is best for you and your child.

I want to be baptised as a believer, what’s the next step ?  
In the URC, those who come to a mature decision to commit their life to Jesus may wish to be baptised as believers. For those, who have not been previously baptised as infants/children, this is matter of joining us in life and worship before discussion with the Elders. Obviously, both you and the congregation need to get to know each other before discussing your baptism with either the Minister or one of the Elders.

How big is your church?
The church can accommodate up to 200 people and we love those occasions when all our seats are full! At present, between 30 and 40 people come together for morning worship