"And it's from the old we Travel to the New, Keep us travelling along with you".


The "Congregational Church" in Kings Road was built under the leadership of of Revd. Daniel Lloyd Jones, a retired minister, who began by holding services in his house. The church was opened on 17th October 1929. Photograph 1 shows the Church shortly after the opening. 

A hall and kitchen were added in 1961, and further much larger hall with rooms erected in 1965.  Two further extensions were added to the sanctuary and halls in 1976 and 1989, with a new kitchen,  disabled persons’ toilet and storeroom included.  In 1993 a new brick Scout Headquarters was completed on the church grounds.   Wooden chairs were replaced by pews in 1962, which were then exchanged for more comfortable upholstered chairs in 1997. 

For a number of years after that, the question of Newbuild was the target of our fundraising, but that eventually gave way in 2005/6 to reconsider and take on major building works to renovate what we have instead.