Churches Together in Chandler’s Ford

Churches Together in Chandler’s Ford continues to be an active force in the local community. The Churches Together committee has representatives from most of the local churches and projects. The committee seeks to help churches work together on a range of issues. In the last few years this has included helping to kick start Street Pastors in Chandler’s Ford, an initiative o which we are now seeing the benefits  

Committee meetings sometimes include a presentation from a community project or charity. Most recently we had a presentation from the ARK project, which helps disadvantaged families in the Eastleigh area.

We have been considering how the churches might support chaplaincy in retail locations and discussions took place with the local Asda Hypermarket to develop a team of lay chaplains working in the store but behind the scenes. Five people were ordained as chaplains in an ecumenical service in October, and so the chaplaincy service to Asda staff has begun.

The committee also continues to organise a programme of ecumenical services for notable dates such as Christian Aid Week and One World Week, as well as the annual Lent Study Groups. In 2016, 6 groups studies a DVD-based course on “The Theory of Everything”, basd on thr life of Stephen Hawking. Preparation for a similar course of study in 2017 are well under way..

The current Chairman is Penny Thatcher, a member of St Martin in the Woods Church@4.

Please visit the CTCF website for information on all the churches in Chandlers Ford and Valley Park at